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63. Stefania Mallett: Navigating board dynamics and entrepreneurial success at an investment backed startup

Stefania Mallett, co-founder and former CEO of ezCater, shares her entrepreneurial journey and insights into effective board governance. She emphasizes the...

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62. Diverse Leadership and AI Ethics: Jocelyn Moore on Transforming Governance

Jocelyn Moore, a seasoned board member and former NFL executive, shares her diverse career experiences from Capitol Hill to the boardrooms...

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61. Culture Always Has A Seat At The Table

Paul Braverman was a cultural force behind the growth and success of Wellington Management which currently has over $1.3 trillion under...

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60. Lisa Thompson – Becoming an impactful board member

Lisa Spadafora Thompson the founder and CEO of Sturbridge Growth Partners, a virtual network of consultants, thought leaders, and practitioner specializing...

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59. What do you do when your board receives a subpoena or the government is investigating your company?

Ian Roffman advises boards, directors and company executives when there is trouble – a government subpoena, a whistleblower complaint, a letter...

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58. The groundbreaking, impactful work of The Partnership

Pratt Wiley is the CEO of the Partnership, a 35 year old organization whose mission is to provide leadership development for...

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