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Twice a month, this is the place to find new episodes  – and all past episodes of On Boards Podcast.

21. Cathy Minehan on ESG: it’s about managing risk and long-term success – and it’s here to stay!

Cathy Minehan has been an active for profit and not for profit board member of a variety of entities over many...

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20. Bob Sherman on what boards should expect from the new Biden administration

Bob Sherman has served as the United States Ambassador to Portugal, is a shareholder at the law firm of Greenberg Traurig...

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19. Paul Ayoub on board leadership, board composition – and the fundamental importance of board diversity

Paul Ayoub has served as the chair of several boards, including two significant nonprofit organizations, and is currently Vice-Chair of the...

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18. Didier Cossin on why governance is the key driver of organizational performance

Didier Cossin is the founder and director of IMD Global Board Center based in Switzerland, where he works with owners, boards,...

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17. James Lam on the new world of risk management and oversight for companies and boards

James Lam is a globally recognized risk expert, an early advocate of Enterprise Risk Management and the first-ever Chief Risk Officer. ...

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16. Mohamad Ali, the CEO of IDG, Inc., on learning to be a good board member and the importance of giving back

Mohamad Ali is the CEO of International Data Group (IDG, Inc.), a private technology media, events and research company. He has...

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