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Twice a month, this is the place to find new episodes  – and all past episodes of On Boards Podcast.

15. Dede Orraca-Cecil on what it takes to build a company board and find great company leadership

Dede Orraca-Cecil is a member of Egon Zehnder, an international executive search and leadership advisory firm, where she leads efforts in...

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14. Diane Hessan on what makes an effective board member and an effective board

Diane Hessan is successful entrepreneur, CEO, author and has been highly recognized for the broad range of impactful work she has...

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13. Ed Pendergast: What it takes to be a board member that every company wants

Ed Pendergast has served on numerous boards – public, private, and nonprofits – for more than 40 years. Very few people...

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12. David R. Koenig: understanding and utilizing risk well is critical to optimizing the success of any business

David R. Koenig has been fascinated by and focused on understanding risk virtually his entire life and is recognized as a...

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11. David Rosen on the importance of boards in private companies

David Rosen has been a CEO, served in other C-suite capacities has served as a board member and is a life-long...

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10. Ian Sheridan on the importance of the board in the very earliest stage of a company

Ian Sheridan has been innovating in the financial world, in a variety of roles, for many years.  He has brought that...

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