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New Episodes

Twice a month, this is the place to find new episodes  – and all past episodes of On Boards Podcast.

49. Jennifer Buras: Preparing for your first board seat

Jennifer Buras advises clients, primarily senior executives, on career development, including in many instances their first board seat.  In this episode she...

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48. Bridget Ross: CEO and board member for the first time, at the same time

In this episode, Bridget Ross talks about her career in life sciences and her most recent roles: CEO of a medical...

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47. Coretha Rushing: companies are well-advised to act as if “human capital” really matters

Coretha Rushing talks about the important role a Chief People Officer plays in management and on the board.  Many companies say people...

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46. Shaz Kahng – changing the stereotype of women in business

Shaz Kahng is a serial CEO and Board Director and with a wealth of experience running companies and businesses and is...

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45. Jane Chwick – Culture may eat strategy for breakfast, but technology eats the world!

Jane Chwick, the former Co-Chief Operating Officer of Goldman’s technology division, and a seasoned board member, talks about the critical impact of...

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44. Sylvia Acevedo: Rocket Scientist, to CEO and beyond!

From living on a dirt street in rural new Mexico living in poverty as her parents struggled paycheck to paycheck, to...

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